tell me about the first thing that comes to your mind-


2:43am 05-13-2022
You’re like really cute so like do you agree? XD if a car ran me over today I’m happy to have had the chance to have been in your presence breeeeee you stole penny wise tickets from me on my 21st bday Or was it snoop dogg? Anyway can’t really say much else but maybe I’m a foo or you’re just as stuck up as I thought u were haha best coast is still only good if it’s with you. Ily!!!
1:48pm 04-08-2022
this is soo fucking cuteeee!!! ur the coolest & ily!!!!<333
-bella ★~(◠‿◕✿)
1:12pm 04-08-2022
my beautiful friend is so creative n cool thank u for sharing i love youuuu
1:44am 04-08-2022
i love i love i love!!!!!
8:04pm 03-23-2022
wow! Cool website, Bear!